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Werner Freytag
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Meine BeOS-Software

Drum sequencer: Create beats with the BeOS!

PecoRename is a utility which allows you to rename many files according to a preset pattern. It lets you rename your files in many different ways: Add an extension, Number your files in order, Search and replace, and much more... All with an easy to use interface and a realtime preview function.
In addition there is the PecoRename Tracker Add-On which you can use to select files in the Tracker and send them directly to PecoRename.

A color picker similar to that in Photoshop. Choose a color and drag it via drag&drop where you need it!

ClipUp ClipUp extends your clipboard with some nice features:

  • It remembers the last 25 clips.
  • After rebooting all clips and the clipboard are restored.

Finally you can play games with a joystick that didn't support one so far: JoystickUtilizer converts joystick signals into keyboard events. Very useful for emulators!

On key-press all open windows are hidden. Additionally there is a standalone programm.

"InternalMIDI" creates a MIDI node for the internal BeOS General MIDI synthesizer.

A little screen saver which draws a lot of sheep on a madow on your desktop.

Transform your screen into a duck pool - with this screen saver!

This screensaver draws a woolen string all over your screen.

A little screen saver which lets confettis fall onto your desktop.

Copy Name To Clipboard
"Copy Name To Clipboard" is a Tracker add-on that does exactly, what the name says: It copies file names of the selected files (together with their paths) into the clipboard.

A C++ function that draws a button, that looks like a standard BButton. You can use it then for a BPictureButton. Sample code for illustration is included.